Tolle Lege Institute of Seminary Formation

Order of Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Diocese of St. Thomas of Villanova


Program Objectives:


  1. The Theological and Spiritual formation of candidates for Holy Orders
  2. The fostering of a sense of community among seminarians and ordained clergy
  3. The creation of practical opportunities for guided ministry


Candidacy - Polity of the Communion and Diocese


1. Three to Six months of preparation for reception as a cleric by completing

    a. background checks

    b. records

    c. initial coursework on Polity of the Communion and local church

2. Structured vocational discernment 


Year One-  Scripture and Theology (Spirituality of Cleric and Doorkeeper)


1.    Academic Studies: Scriptural Hermeneutics, Hebrew and Christian Scripture, Introduction to Philosophy of Human Nature and Theological methodology and theory.

2.    Spiritual Formation: How is God calling me to service as God did our Fathers and Mothers in Scripture? How am I being called to take care of the “Church”? How will my knowledge help me to defend the Faith?


Year TwoSocial Justice/Morality and Church History (Spirituality of Healer [Exorcist] and Reader)


1.    Academic Studies: Foundations in moral theology and applications for social justice and the relevance of ecclesial development in history.

2.    Spiritual Formation: Where do I need healing in my own broken life and  history? How is this weakness a gift? How is God’s Word driving and motivating my ministry and preparation?


Year Three- Spirituality and Sacred Liturgy (Spirituality of Acolyte and Sub-deacon)


1.    Academic Studies: Understand inspiration of the Spirit in the church through history. Theological understanding of the theory, role, and function of sacramental worship in the life of individuals and of the Church.

2.    Spiritual Formation: What is the light Christ has given to me to share as an Ordained minister of word and sacrament? What does it mean to be a liturgical and spiritual leader?

Year Four- Practicum Year of Deaconate

1.    Knowledge of the practice of preaching, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and parish and other base community ministry. Sacramental leadership.

2.      Spiritual Formation: How has ordination changed my life in the Order /Church?


General Guidelines:

All Seminarians in formation should adhere to the following expectations:

1    Daily praying of evening and morning office with psalms, readings, petitions, and reflection from approved Liturgy of the Hours Text

2.    Weekly Eucharist as a minimum, more often if available

3.    Reservation and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

4.    Attendance at an Annual Retreat

5.    Spiritual exercises through direction or journaling

6.    Fostering of community with ordained clergy through periodic communication

7. Keeping a portfolio of completed seminary studies for review by Bishop and Counsel

8. Each seminarian should acquire before deaconate:

     a. Five reference letters from Instructors, classmates, or persons of character to submit to Bishop and counsel for review

        1. one of these letters should be from a mental health professional who has administered a review or exam of the candidates mental stability.


Subject to review and change