Bishop Joseph Augustine Menna, AIHM

Father Shane Nicholas Neese, AIHM

Father Thomas Bradshaw, AIHM Obl

Karen Lasko, Bishop's Council, Lay Delegate

Gregg Torres-Agosto, Guest



Amanda Parks, 

Friar Alessandro De Trinitate Botelho, AIHM  Lay Delegate


1. Integration Plan

Update: We are past the point of observation. Only part left is the practical part - overlap in clergy, etc. Diocese of Florida and Diocese of California will have their annual synod meetings in January and will vote on finalizing our integration.

2. New Life

There is a small group in Virginia that may possibly be forming.  +Joseph will visit them this fall. Also, they have a potential seminarian in mind that would serve this small group. 

3. Financial Needs

Diocesan Checking account is necessary and is already in place. AIHM will use the St. Thomas of Villanova Fund account as the Diocesan account.

Diocesan Stewardship/Assessments

 * Non-public clergy will be assessed $10 per year

 * Public Ministry Clergy will be assessed $25 per year

 *Religious Orders will be assessed $25 per year

(it was not discussed whether each mission/parish is also to be assessed each year) 

4. Prayer and Community

Do we want as clergy a time regularly scheduled to fellowship and pray? 

It was decided that we would conference call Quarterly.

The first half of the call would be Clergy and Laity

The second half of the call would be Clergy.

Everyone is to look at their calendars and see what would be best date to start. Email to group will be sent through the new Diocesan email group Shane will create

5. Lay Delegate Selection

Karen Lasko will be the Lay Delegate for St. Augustine

Alessandro will be the Lay Delegate for the Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Possibly Amanda Parks will be Lay Delegate for St. Rita's - Fr. Thomas will discuss this with her and let us know soon.

6. Bishop's Council

Is to be made up of the Lay Delegates and the General Council from the AIHM 5

7. Vocations and Evangilization

We are the best vocation brochure - how we live our lives and interact with people is the best witness we can make. Continue to be a witness for Christ and the Church. 

8. Website

Our Diocesan page is basically there as a landing page.  It contains information about us, but is also there as a starting point for folks to find our parishes and Religious Order.   No changes were recommended at this time. 

9. New Business

Our name will stay Diocese of St. Thomas of Villanova

Together throughout the year we will work on a logo to use for the Diocese 

Father Shane will create the Diocesan group email.